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A Bear Hunt

When I were a lad a trip to the woods meant a nice, safe teddy bears picnic. But in 1989 Michael Rosen wrote We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, an infectious reimagining of a traditional nursery rhyme, with sublime artwork by Helen Oxenbury. Ever since then a bite to eat with our cuddly friends has been replaced by the promise of finding a fierce, drooling bear crashing out of its cave, sending us stumbling and tripping back through the deep dark forest.

Here’s what happened when I took my two down to the Clanger woods (near the Westbury white horse) in Wiltshire the other week. Altogether now, ‘I’m not scared of bears’

Music is Sorrow's Army by Graham Coxon

Next time: The children recreate Little Rabbit Foo Foo. Actually, on second thoughts, no they don't.


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