A Blog about Brilliant Children’s Books

Welcome to tygertale, a blog about brilliant children’s books, a subject that just so happens to coincide with the thing I am currently avoiding; writing a children’s book.

I live in a town near Bath in the west of England, with my wife, son and daughter, who are at primary school. Not my wife you understand, it’s not that sort of website. My wife also has a blog, it’s all about where we live.

My day job is writing and researching proposals for arts, music and documentary programmes (or ‘films’ as we grandly call them). These lovingly crafted treatments are read by an audience of up to four very important people. So not much different to my blog then.

tygertale is named after the lead character in my current children’s book (nearly there!). She is in the scurrilous tradition of fictional bad girls like Pippi Longstocking, Beryl the Peril and Marmalade Atkins. It is also the name of those fantastic balloons that whizz around the room. Which is a pretty good description of young Tyger.

This image is taken from Dr. Seuss’s Hop on Pop, a definite children’s book that bites, and also one of the first books I learnt to read. Or is that learned to read? Either way, I’m still learning to write.


The rights of all images on the site belong to the authors /publishers / estates / whatever, and not me. Any objections please let me know and I’ll take ’em down, to be replaced with crude copies produced by my children.


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