The Magic Carousel by Ati Forburg & Dorothy Levenson

We return to New York today and take a ride on the Magic Carousel of Central Park. This is not the richly colourful New York of Ezra Jack Keat's The Snowy Day, but one that is shot through with splashes of grey and only occasionally enlivened by beaming baubles and enticing store fronts.

Artist Ati Forburg uses some very wet watercolours to illustrate not just the movement of the flying horses, but the dampness that fills the air. Fortburg's world is less crisp and even, more limp and leavened.

But it's magical nonetheless, as Dana and Lisa lead their carousel horses, bounding over giant Christmas Trees past the biggest toy shop in the world and the giant office blocks that even the horses cannot scale.

Finally they land back in Central Park, where daddy meets them as the carousel grinds to a slow halt, and they walk home, fading into the wintry night, full of giddy tales about their epic ride.


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