Words & Pictures Advent Stories

As if writing my own advent calendar wasn’t enough, this year I found myself contributing to someone else’s. Words & Pictures, the website of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators, has been posting an image a day and inviting people to tweet their own micro-stories.

Elizabeth Dulemba
Elizabeth Dulemba

‘Oh hang on,’ said Father Christmas. ‘Did I leave the blooming oven on?’

It’s been a real pleasure, lingering over some wonderful images and imagining the possibilities for the characters depicted. It’s also been excellent reminder of how to keep my writing succinct. I’ve even dabbled with rhyme for the first time since primary school. So don’t say you haven’t been warned before you cast your eyes over ten of my favourites.

John Shelley
John Shelley

‘We’re going on a bear hunt!’


‘In slippers?’ said bear.


‘Can’t stop m-‘



‘You said I could get Sky with these things on.’

‘Sure you can Toby, I just need to give you the red button.’


Demesla Haughton
Demesla Haughton

You won’t get a present here, now you’ve wrecked my bed.

I don’t care to share old bear, my nosy box in red.

‘One good thing about this cold is being able to blow bubbles out of my nose. Sometimes I can even catch a star.’


Image by Jackie East
Jackie East

Their teeth grew long over the winter months, their stomachs empty. Now they turned on the snow bunny reducing him to slush and buttons.


Picture by Julie Wilson
Julie Wilson

The three unwise animals arrived. ‘Really sorry, I forgot your present,’ said cat. ‘But here’s a star I found above your shed.’

Jenny Causebrook Moss
Jenny Causebrook Moss

‘YOU DARE WRAP ME IN FILTHY RUFFLES AND TRIVIAL BAUBLES!’ The furious fir roared at his young tormenter.

Mike Brownlow
Mike Brownlow

A difficult rhyme today, one fears

Instead a question: Do birds have ears?

Gary Fabbri
Gary Fabbri

‘I pray that this is the Christmas somebody puts me in an ironic Ladybird book.’


And that’s your lot for 2015. Thanks so much for reading my advent calendar. See you same time, same place next year?

3 thoughts on “Words & Pictures Advent Stories

  1. “Ha!” with bells on,yet more “Ha!”
    Your captions form the very star
    On top of pics, like Christmas trees,
    Hearts young and old will surely please.

    You can see why Hallmark rejected my application as versifier for their cards. Brilliant captions, especially the knowing and very up-to-date final one. Have a lovely Christmas!


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