Winter and the Children by Hilde Hoffman and Beatrice Braun-Fock


Fans of mid century children’s book illustration will find pretty much everything they’re looking for in Winter and the Children.


Dapper costumes abound, with children decked in some glorious knitwear, and check out the town mayor dressed to impress in tweed, plus fours and a goatee.


There’s an array of different architectural styles on display too, ranging from European style townhouses to picture windowed bungalows.


And this being Christmas there are of course a range of weirdly designed characters like the pointy nosed, elfish snow cleaning drones.


A gloriously chilly Jack Frost covers over their hard work with a blast from his enormous sack of snow.


The only thing lacking is a decent story, but who cares when you have the work of Beatrice Braun-Fock to feast on.


Originally published in German as Der Winter und die Kinder in 1959, it was quickly translated into American becoming Old Man Winter Comes to Town.


Long out of print it has been republished (and re-translated) in the essential Taschen Treasury of Wintertime Tales.

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