Father Christmas Goes on Twitter

As if I didn’t have enough blooming work to do, I’ve been asked by the man at tygertale.com to do something called a blog post. At first I thought he wanted me to read my letters on the lavvy, but apparently it’s to do with the internet.

So before my day gets busy, I’ve made a nice brew while the Amstrad warms up, and have agreed to pick some favourite ‘tweets’ from my new fangled social media account (thanks to Amarjit at the library for showing me how).

The question I get asked more than any other is not, ‘how do you deliver all those presents in one night?’ or ‘do you exist?’ (blooming cheek), but ‘how do you maintain your great big beard?’

I’m glad you asked, as that’s an easy one to answer.

The truth is there’s no real magic to this job, it’s just a lot of hard work and decent packed lunch.

I often take my trusty Insta Clickit out with me on my rounds and take a few snaps when I get the chance.

I don’t get much time when I’m making deliveries, so most of my pictures are of the sky. Luckily the camera’s got a lovely wide angle lens. And a waterproof hood.

My favourite sight of all comes on the way back home, as the moon fades away…

… And the sun rises on Christmas morning.

People don’t know that as well as delivering presents I’m a bit of an artist. Particularly when I’m on my hols.

Scotland’s another favourite place to pop down my easel.

And if I’m not clicking, I’m twitching.

The other question I always get is, ‘What do you do the rest of the year then?’ As if I’m some sort of layabout – I’m a blooming pensioner! As it happens I’m usually very busy in my garden, and always happy to share a bit of knowledge.


That’s your lot for another year…  actually not quite. Big news! The Insta Clickit will be staying at home this evening because good old Fred got me a smart phone last Christmas. And if Amarjit can show me how I’ll be ‘live tweeting’ my rounds tonight. Now, clear off and watch the blooming Snowman, some of us have got work to do.


Happy Blooming Christmas to you!

Father Christmas and Father Christmas Goes on Holiday are published by Puffin Books.

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