Christmas Picture Book Roundup

Hello and welcome to another special blog by me, Clara! We’ve read more Christmas books than we know what to do with this year, so I’m going to do a picture book roundup of some of the best ones. The books are Red and Lulu, Oliver Elephant and Morris Wants MORE!

Book one is Oliver Elephant by Lou Peacock and Helen Stephens.


It starts with mummy, Noah and Evie-May Brown going to the Christmassy shop at the end of the row. They’re searching for a star, like the one on the massive tree in the middle of the shopping centre that is decorated with candles (unsafe much).


Oliver Elephant belongs to Noah who finds lots to do apart from shopping… he hides in a ‘house’, plays peek a boo with Evie and bumps a glass jug off a table! Then they go to the café and get a bun like he didn’t just knock a GLASS JUG OFF A TABLE. What a forgetful family!

WP_20171218_15_59_35_Pro (1)

Just as they leave the café Noah says “Where’s Oliver Elephant Mummy? Oh no! We’ve lost him! HE’S GONE! Mummy, where did he go?” Then they go on a wild goose chase all around the shop which probably takes about an hour and then Evie produces a velvet trunk and a blue ear its her brothers ELEPHANT. She stole it. Seriously? What a waste of time.

Anyway, moving on to the next book Morris wants MORE by Joshua Seigal and Amélie Falière.

WP_20171218_16_02_21_Pro (2)

Is it a coincidence he looks a lot like Donald Trump? I mean he is a spoiled brat.


He lives in a HUMONGOUS house with lots of toys, but Morris wants MORE! But he only got a little present “How disappointing!” He snaps “Surely you can do better than this.” And of course, being the spoiled brat he is, his parents come back the next day with a medium sized present but he rejects it, wanting a BIG present and so this goes on until he gets a SUPERMEGA MONSTERMASSIVE PRESENT!!!!!!


On the 12th day of Christmas though, he gets what he deserves. SQUASHED!

Now our final choice, Red and Lulu, the saddest book of the trio by Matt Tavares.


Red and Lulu, are a pair of cardinal birds, who live in the branches of a mighty evergreen. They are happy in their tree. It is the perfect place to live all year long. They love it in summer and they love it in winter when the ground is covered in white snow like ‘sugar sprinkled on the world’.


One day, Red goes to find some breakfast and leaves Lulu behind. When he returns the tree has been chopped down with lulu still inside it. Red follows the tree on a truck all the way to New York City.


Eventually Red finds Lulu, still inside their tree which is all decorated for Christmas in Rockerfeller Plaza. Their home is now one of the world’s most famous Christmas trees.


Thank you for reading my review of these books, I hope you enjoyed it. My favourite was probably Morris Wants More because of its absurdity!

Oliver Elephant is published by Nosy Crow

Morris Wants MORE is published by Flying Eye Books

Red and Lulu is published by Walker Books

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