Father Christmas’s Last Present by Quentin Blake, Marie-Aude Murail and Elvire Murail

Image (169)

‘Since his parents couldn’t stop taking about Father Christmas, Julien had decided to pretend to believe in him for another year. So he had written a letter to ask for a present.’

Julien is getting to old for Father Christmas, or so he has been led to believe. But he’s not quite ready to let go – or perhaps his parents aren’t ready to let him grow up.

Image (170)

His mother persuades him to write one last letter, and hey presto, the next morning a mysterious red and blue wooden train called Juliette appears under the tree.

Image (171)

Over the following year Julien and the train become inseparable, going everywhere together.

Image (173)

But as the following Christmas approaches Julien begins to worry that Father Christmas has made a mistake. A boy his age shouldn’t be receiving toy trains. He endeavours to do the grown up thing and return the gift.

Image (175)

But come December 25th, there is one more surprise in store for Julien. Image (176)

You’re never too old for Father Christmas.

Father Christmas’s Last Present is published by Jonathan Cape


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