A Winter’s Tale by Marcus Sedgwick and Simon Bartram

I won't write too much about this startling picture book, after all its author Marcus Sedgwick doesn't. This is a brief, simple poem about a boy wishing for a cold winter like we used to have (this was published in 2003 when snow was a thing of the past). When winter does arrive, it does so with gusto, ushered in by jumping Jack Frost and a host of other wintry dudes.

Simon Bartram (writer and illustrator of the briliant Bob – Man on the Moon books) has certainly done most of the heavy lifting in this partnership. His pictures for A Winters Tale are a marvel; painstakingly detailed, yet full of life. They shimmer with an icy finish.

I've been banging on about my favourite Roald Dahl books that weren't illustrated by Quentin Blake all year. Well, the person I'd most like to see take on Charlie and the Chocloate Factory is Simon Bartram. I'm sure he'd be able to do for chocolate what he does here for snow .


4 thoughts on “A Winter’s Tale by Marcus Sedgwick and Simon Bartram

  1. Awesome post! I can’t believe no one else has responded to your beautiful work in informing us of some very important Christmas classics that would be forgotten if it weren’t for people like you. Thanks for sharing! The artwork in this is fantastic! And I just added it to my shelves to read on goodreads.com
    Thanks and Happy Holidays!


      1. I consider that a huge find. When i can afford it, i’m going to pick up one for myself. I would’ve never known about it if you hadnt’ve posted it. Your efforts are very worth their while. And I’ve already linked 2 friends from GR to here so they could check your post out and see the book and it’s wonderful artwork. Thanx again!


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