Creating the Commons with Lauren Child


I began homeschooling my daughter this year, escaping the stress of SATs test madness of year 6. It’s not something we ever planned to do, and it is by turns exhilarating and overwhelming. So it’s been good to listen to the advice of the new Children’s Laureate, Lauren Child, who advocates more gazing out of the window and less worrying about exams.


“If we allowed our children a little bit more time to dream and stare into space they make connections and that’s how you have ideas and great ideas.”

Lauren Child.


We’ve been inspired too by her approach to creating books, using collage, drawing and photographs to produce a unique textured environment.


So was born a Child’s eye view of the House of Commons, complete with real despatch boxes, a mace and all your favourite zany characters.


And even though he’s not allowed to address Parliament when he visits next year, my pupil decided to give her favourite villain, President Trump, a starring role in proceedings.

I will not ever, never address the Houses of Parliament.

It’s been inspiring to hear a public figure like Child stand up and defend another, less structured way of learning. Undoubtedly there are many thousands of brilliant and inspiring teachers working within the school system who would also agree. Sometimes staring out of the window with no road map and following your interests can lead to the most exciting and surprising educational journey.

Read more about Lauren Child, the Children’s Laureate 2017 – 2019 here.


2 thoughts on “Creating the Commons with Lauren Child

  1. What an inspiration Lauren Child is! And how brave (?) you are to homeschool your daughter to avoid the lunacy of SATs, not to forget the talented girl herself with her wicked caricatures of the benighted May and Trump.


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